Forecasts for the Draw

with a guarantee of 20%

to your bank!


The verified rates on betonsuccess!


Cost of this subscription: 12,500 rub.


Forecasts are sent, this mark on income will not be reached yet.

Rates on 2% of a deposit. Coefficients undertake from the verified betonsuccess rates, on the large markets - bookmaker offices: Pinnacle/188bet/Dafabet/Sbobet.


Subscription No. 1. SD555-Forecasts and the Guarantee of 20% to a deposit!

Subscription No. 2. SD555-Forecasts for the Draw

SD555-Forecasts for the Draw - an additional subscription for the budget buyer.


* Rates on the Draw. Coefficients - 2.90-3.50!

* it is possible to Put in any bookmaker office!

* Rates prior to a match! As there is a signal, forecasts are sent to the buyer to private messages in VK at once.

* Statistics on Concrete is presented for rates to 2%! Therefore risks are minimum!

* Strategy according to these forecasts was tested several months, further - the verified rates.

In detail about service here:

The verified rates on betonsuccess!

Cost of this subscription: 5,500 rub.

Author of a technique of forecasts:

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How to buy subscriptions:

Subscription No. 3. SD555-Forecasts VIP-group, "goal of team of owners"

the sd555th Forecasts

"goal 1"

  + access to VIP-group


Forecasts "goal 1" is a complete set of techniques: 
Rates in live (LIGA-1):
1) by a technique "No. 1 GOAL"
2) by a technique "No. 2 GOAL"
3) by a technique "No. 3 GOAL"
    +  access to VIP-group.


Strategy was tested many months, further there were official rates, results are constantly published on a group wall.
Rates in LIVE, coefficients from 1.30 to 3.20
Average кф advantageous rates 1.92
Average pass of rates of 89%-90%!


Detailed statistics of techniques No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 here:




Forecasts are provided in the evening, on matches of the next day, usually for 6-12 h prior to the matches. Detailed Statistics of these matches is kept.


If it becomes clear that forecasts extend, then this buyer is included in "black list" and money does not return.


Cost of this subscription: 4,000 rub.

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- to address the author of forecasts:

our group in VKontakte



- to address in the VK group: